I am so tired

This can’t sleep stuff is getting old. The pain is getting old! The drama is getting old and I tell people all the time that if they have drama I don’t want it at my house and what do they do they bring it to my house anyway! Yesterday was not the day to be doing that to  me! I am in  a lot of pain! And when I am in pain I can get a bit bitchy and i have held it in all night but to my wonderful drama filled friends if i have told you once i have told you a million times DON’T BRING IT TO MY HOUSE!!!! I am done dealing with it! I am sick to death of everyone thinking about only themselves and no one else! I will slam the door in the next person’s face that does that to me. Enough said about that because I don’t want to get  angry all over again!

This is going to be a short blog tonight because I am just going to go to bed and start tommorrow again!

Peace Love and Pug hugs:



I have an 8 week old kitten and he is like a toddler. His name is Rescue and he can try the patience of a saint and I love him so much! I call him rescue because he was rescued from a drain pipe! He has the energy of five people! I have to do 2 more things to make him legal and I have never been happier!

I am an animal lover and I always have been! I love the animal rescue community because they are a group of people who love animals and have hearts as big as gold! I have seen so many dogs and cats in hellish situations that have been saved by these wonderful people! I thank god every day that they help the animals that can’t speak for themselve!

I have to go! Will write more later!

Peace Love and pug hugs!


10 things you didn’t know about me!

1. One day I want to become a romance novel writer

2. I am a very proud republican

3, I am a very proud Christian

4. I have a very small circle of  friends who i would trust with my life

5. I have a very dirty sense of humor

6, To me  I would send animal abusers to a seventh circle of hell

7. I love Hello Kitty

8. I want to learn the Polish language

9. I am Polish and German on my mom’s side and English and Scotch on my dad’s side

10.  I believe in the motto when getting a pet Don’t shop adopt!

Peace Love and Pug hugs!


Today did not turn out like i wanted it to !

I am just sitting here writing this blog tonight and I just am really just hurting physically and it has made me feel like totally crap! Walking to the carry out which is 5 minutes from where i live and by the time i got home i was hurting so bad. I hate being in this much pain. I have been wondering if my depression being the way it is is because of the way my pain is lately! I just never thought  that pain could make my depression  this bad!

It has been so crazy here I just want to scream! My previous spine surgeon must have his screw loose because not only did he schedule a pain management on the same date as my appointment to Ohio State not only that but the exact same time! I am going to Ohio State and i will leave the pain management  open until i know what is going on! Dr V you truly suck!

Peace Love and Pug hugs!