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Election Mess

I am a registered Republican and every one who knows me well knows that and i have been since I could register to vote! This presidential election though has me disturbed for one reason and one reason only……Donald Trump

For me I am a Cruz supporter and I have been since he announced he was running for me he is the one man who as president will follow what the constitution says!  Donald Trump lost my vote because of two thing 1. He has never been forthcoming with his policies and 2 He flip flops on issues it is that simple for me! What is his Foreign Policy? What is his stance on stem cell research? I could not tell you because he has never said! Yes people want different then what they have now and that is why Trump is so popular today! But do we want some one like Trump who has no experience politically to run our country? That is what scares me him being elected and we have more of the same crap we have now! Oh this stuff makes my head spin!

To the people who tell me they wont vote because Trump is the Republican candidate i say okay then if you dont vote you cant bitch about the results you get~ So Go vote in November and hopefully we get what each of us wants!




Cesar Milan Justice at last

I am so damn happy to hear that Cesar Milan is finally going to be investigated for his training methods. I am going to say right at the start of this and I am going to be honest from the start that i have never ever liked what i saw when it came to how he was training those dogs he had as clients. Too much fear on the dogs part and too much aggressive behavior on Cesar’s.

To me the episode that made me mad the most was the one with the dog who killed pigs! Why in the blue hell would Cesar put that dog in the pen with the pigs and take the leash off of him knowing he was scared of pigs? No ethical trainer would have done that! What in blue hell did expect that dog to do? Cesar is beyond irresponsible to me he should be charged with what happned there! It crossed a line that should never have been crossed!



First Ever Criminal Complaint Filed Against Animal Care & Control – NY


Coming fresh off of the biggest animal rights protest and rally in recent NYC history with 300 activists at City Hall, I filed a criminal complaint against Animal Care & Control – New York at the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn on September 30, 2014.  I received the complaint number three days later as #16636.

For about four years now under the group New York Animal Rights Alliance America, we have been protesting and rallying against the atrocities committed against animals at NY-ACC which have included massive negligence with lack of veterinary care and outright wrongful death (as if any death was not wrongful, this meaning that there were rescuers and/or adopters in place but the animal was killed anyway).

We have tracked such cases for several years with the hopes of filing petitions that would then garner change in these areas.  However, something happened that was unexpected – the ASPCA…

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I have just had enough

I am so tired of people these days! I can honestly say these past couple of days have really really tried my patience to no end!  I want peace and calm in my life and I am not getting it! I just want to run away and not let people know where I am at! I have a small circle of friends who are my family and they are the only one’s I trust! There is one girl because I can’t call her a woman because she doesn’t act like one! She is the most selfish girl on the planet! She is only out for herself never mind she has one child but she is going to have another! All of the world is supposed to revolve around her and her wants and needs to the exclusion of everyone else! I am sorry but I am not going to take her attitude anymore! She comes in my house like she owns the place and she doesn’t! She tries and gets sympathy and I don’t like it at all! She is  a peace destroyer and i am tired of having my peace taken away by people like her! One day she will realize how stupid she is acting and I will just laugh and walk away!

I am just so damn depressed lately! Nothing is going right and I am getting so tired  of being strong all the time! I just want one time I can break down and cry and cry and not have people be so  worried about me all the time! Crying is my therapy it helps when words don’t and there are times when I just have to have an ugly cry and not have one person say one thing to me about it!  But I can’t do that because people have come to see me as a strong woman and i feel weak if i cry even if I know better then that! I AM NOT STRONG ALL THE TIME PEOPLE! I have my moments where the anxiety and the pain wear on me and I just don’t know if I can be the person ever one sees me as!

I am going to try and get some sleep and maybe tommorrow will be a better day! I sure hope so!

Peace Love and pug hugs


I am just me!

I am just sitting here thinking about how tomorrow is my birthday and I am having a nostalgic day! I am going to be 2 years closer to 50. I would not change one thing that has happened to me in my life time because to go and change what happened would change the inner core of me! I am the strong woman I am today because of what happened to me!

I was born September 30th 1966 in Ashland Ohio to Audrey and Fred Lovelace! My sister was born 11 months later!  I had problems from the day I was born and my mom and dad always made sure that they were treating what was wrong with me!  I was so blessed with wonderful parents! As a child i wasn’t thinking that way! Today as an adult i realize that no matter what i thought mom and dad did their very best for me no matter how i felt about it all the time!

I am so blessed to be here for as long as I have been! I can’t take for granted the fact that I have been given a second chance at life! I am so glad I am alive!!

Peace Love and Pug hugs!


I am so tired

This can’t sleep stuff is getting old. The pain is getting old! The drama is getting old and I tell people all the time that if they have drama I don’t want it at my house and what do they do they bring it to my house anyway! Yesterday was not the day to be doing that to  me! I am in  a lot of pain! And when I am in pain I can get a bit bitchy and i have held it in all night but to my wonderful drama filled friends if i have told you once i have told you a million times DON’T BRING IT TO MY HOUSE!!!! I am done dealing with it! I am sick to death of everyone thinking about only themselves and no one else! I will slam the door in the next person’s face that does that to me. Enough said about that because I don’t want to get  angry all over again!

This is going to be a short blog tonight because I am just going to go to bed and start tommorrow again!

Peace Love and Pug hugs: