Election Mess

I am a registered Republican and every one who knows me well knows that and i have been since I could register to vote! This presidential election though has me disturbed for one reason and one reason only……Donald Trump

For me I am a Cruz supporter and I have been since he announced he was running for me he is the one man who as president will follow what the constitution says!  Donald Trump lost my vote because of two thing 1. He has never been forthcoming with his policies and 2 He flip flops on issues it is that simple for me! What is his Foreign Policy? What is his stance on stem cell research? I could not tell you because he has never said! Yes people want different then what they have now and that is why Trump is so popular today! But do we want some one like Trump who has no experience politically to run our country? That is what scares me him being elected and we have more of the same crap we have now! Oh this stuff makes my head spin!

To the people who tell me they wont vote because Trump is the Republican candidate i say okay then if you dont vote you cant bitch about the results you get~ So Go vote in November and hopefully we get what each of us wants!




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