I have just had enough

I am so tired of people these days! I can honestly say these past couple of days have really really tried my patience to no end!  I want peace and calm in my life and I am not getting it! I just want to run away and not let people know where I am at! I have a small circle of friends who are my family and they are the only one’s I trust! There is one girl because I can’t call her a woman because she doesn’t act like one! She is the most selfish girl on the planet! She is only out for herself never mind she has one child but she is going to have another! All of the world is supposed to revolve around her and her wants and needs to the exclusion of everyone else! I am sorry but I am not going to take her attitude anymore! She comes in my house like she owns the place and she doesn’t! She tries and gets sympathy and I don’t like it at all! She is  a peace destroyer and i am tired of having my peace taken away by people like her! One day she will realize how stupid she is acting and I will just laugh and walk away!

I am just so damn depressed lately! Nothing is going right and I am getting so tired  of being strong all the time! I just want one time I can break down and cry and cry and not have people be so  worried about me all the time! Crying is my therapy it helps when words don’t and there are times when I just have to have an ugly cry and not have one person say one thing to me about it!  But I can’t do that because people have come to see me as a strong woman and i feel weak if i cry even if I know better then that! I AM NOT STRONG ALL THE TIME PEOPLE! I have my moments where the anxiety and the pain wear on me and I just don’t know if I can be the person ever one sees me as!

I am going to try and get some sleep and maybe tommorrow will be a better day! I sure hope so!

Peace Love and pug hugs



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