I am just me!

I am just sitting here thinking about how tomorrow is my birthday and I am having a nostalgic day! I am going to be 2 years closer to 50. I would not change one thing that has happened to me in my life time because to go and change what happened would change the inner core of me! I am the strong woman I am today because of what happened to me!

I was born September 30th 1966 in Ashland Ohio to Audrey and Fred Lovelace! My sister was born 11 months later!  I had problems from the day I was born and my mom and dad always made sure that they were treating what was wrong with me!  I was so blessed with wonderful parents! As a child i wasn’t thinking that way! Today as an adult i realize that no matter what i thought mom and dad did their very best for me no matter how i felt about it all the time!

I am so blessed to be here for as long as I have been! I can’t take for granted the fact that I have been given a second chance at life! I am so glad I am alive!!

Peace Love and Pug hugs!



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