Today did not turn out like i wanted it to !

I am just sitting here writing this blog tonight and I just am really just hurting physically and it has made me feel like totally crap! Walking to the carry out which is 5 minutes from where i live and by the time i got home i was hurting so bad. I hate being in this much pain. I have been wondering if my depression being the way it is is because of the way my pain is lately! I just never thought  that pain could make my depression  this bad!

It has been so crazy here I just want to scream! My previous spine surgeon must have his screw loose because not only did he schedule a pain management on the same date as my appointment to Ohio State not only that but the exact same time! I am going to Ohio State and i will leave the pain management  open until i know what is going on! Dr V you truly suck!

Peace Love and Pug hugs!



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